Kenya Resilience Learning Hub | A Knowledge Portal for Resilience and Development Practitioners

Kenya Resilience Learning Hub | A Knowledge Portal for Resilience and Development Practitioners

Resilience Learning Hub is a knowledge platform for resilience practitioners, USAID staff, implementing partners, national and local government partners and the broader resilience community in Kenya. 

The platform is a curated space where all partners can share resources, guidance, training, and evidence to strengthen and inform resilience work in Kenya.

We aim for this portal to improve resilience and development programming, amplifying the impact of USAID’s investments into the future. We hope Resilience Learning Hub becomes a place for development practitioners to help identify and refine practices, and to inform USAID’s technical direction in areas of information gaps.

Resilience Learning Hub is a venue for knowledge sharing, implemented through the Resilience Learning Activity. Resilience Learning Hub does not represent the views of USAID or the U.S. Government. Please visit USAID’s Website for official government information.

About the Secretariat- the USAID- Resilience Learning Activity

Following large-scale droughts that devastated the Horn of Africa in 2011-2012, USAID and other development partners began investing in a regional architecture and supporting coordination efforts to build resilience to future shocks in the region. Coordinated resilience programming has since seen positive results in the arid and semi-arid lands, including declines in households living below the poverty level and an increase in perceived resiliency among local communities. In order to continue with this progress, there is a constant need for evidence-based learning to inform investments in resilience programming and adaptive management. To strengthen USAID’s resilience programming in East Africa, the Resilience Learning Activity supports regional, national, and local organizations and institutions in Northern Kenya, Somalia, and the Horn of Africa to undertake analysis while strengthening their capacities for analytics; facilitating learning for adaptive management; and improving knowledge management and communication to align with USAID’s Journey to Self-Reliance and the Horn of Africa Resilience Framework. ACDI/VOCA leads the activity in Northern Kenya and the Horn of Africa and Mercy Corps leads activities in Somalia.