Lessons From COVID-19: Using CLA to Position Frontier County Governments for Future Pandemics, NaturalDisasters, and Human-made Crises – Isiolo County Case, Kenya #

  • Case Studies
  • 2021
  • PREG

This case explores the CLA approach of the Resilience Learning Activity (RLA), in partnership with local stakeholders, in managing the COVID-19 pandemic and positioning counties in Northern Kenya for better disaster preparedness and management in the future. RLA is a five-year, USAID/Kenya and East Africa- funded Activity led by ACDI/VOCA. To strengthen resilience capacities and evidence-based programming, RLA supports regional, national, and local organizations and institutions in Northern Kenya, Somalia, and the Horn of Africa to build their capacities in analytics, facilitate learning for adaptive management, and improve knowledge management and communications.